As seen in Vogue Knitting—Winter 2013/14

Vogue Knitting Winter 2013/2014

Hugely gratifying beyond my capacity for speech is having  Vogue Knitting Winter 2013/14 give praise to my new book, Grounded.

The review also says that I’m creating sock patterns for each of the main characters, plus a bonus pattern. This is true and the patterns are all out, now! Yay!

It also goes on to say:

“The sock patterns… are being rolled out over time and will appear automatically in the Ravelry libraries of knitters who buy the book.”

This was mostly true of the pre-orders (which is when I spoke with Vogue Knitting), but not planned for perpetual sales of the book. Pre-orders received the first pattern (Rosie’s Firestarter socks) of the eBook Novel Socks.

However, because of this mis-print, I’m more than happy to honor the pre-sale offer for post-Vogue-Knitting-reader-purchases. Just forward your receipt for Grounded (any format, any venue) purchased after January 5, 2013 to me at this address. I’ll pop the same pattern the pre-orders got (Rosie’s Firestarter socks) into an email and (if you give me your Rav ID) into your Rav library, too.

Sorry about the confusion but I hope this helps!

And thank you!

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