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Welcome to Rosie’s Place

Grounded is out! It’s in our Shoppe and at Amazon!

The reviews at Amazon and on Goodreads are most gratifying.

Thank you!

Now that the book is out and in the hands of readers, this site (and our mailing list) are now the place you can find out what’s up with Rosie and her psychic posse, learn when the next character-inspired sock pattern is coming out, and be sure to get the latest on when Book 2 of the series will be out.

Wondering what this is all about?

Here’s a little news about Rosie:

Hannah Rose was able to convince herself that she was a normal teenager, even though she usually knew exactly what was about to happen next. Until one day when she set her jerk of an ex-boyfriend on fire—from 15 feet away—propelling herself into a world of weirdness.

In Heather Ordover’s new YA novel, Hannah Rose—a newly-discovered Danger to Everyone—is sent to live with her aunt in Brooklyn. There, Rosie discovers a family legacy of strange abilities and dangerous talents. She also finds others like her at her aunt’s summer “boot camp” for psychic teens. Her training tests her gifts—and her patience—but over the summer she does begin to learn to control her unique skills and meets a boy with equally dangerous strengths—a boy who seems to be made just for her. Together, they find a sort of peace that neither has ever experienced, and it looks like it will last—until disaster breaks them apart in a way neither saw coming.

…and we have big plans for her.

We’ll be releasing sock patterns and hosting KALs over the next few weeks—socks designed by Meg Warren and Heather Ordover—each pattern tied to a character (sound Defargishly familiar?), so there’s lots of fun coming down the ‘pike.

However, we’re not stopping with the things we come up with. If there’s one thing we’ve learned while putting out the What Would Madame Defarge Knit? series, it’s that everyone has moments of great inspiration. In this book there is a knitting pattern that’s integral to the plot—and we’ve left that pattern untouched and un-designed. If you find yourself inspired in a pattern-ish sort of way, write it up, knit it up, take your pretty pictures, and put it up for sale on Ravelry, or Craftsy, or your blog, then post about it here, link to it—even put a “buy now” button in your post to make it easy for folks who like your pattern to get your pattern! More details on our “shawls” page.

We don’t think anyone has done this with a young-adult book  before, but we know knitters are wonderful people and we are excited about sharing this opportunity with you.